Why Calendars are the best value promo item ever.

Every week through out the year we are approached by people who are looking for items to promote their business.  They are either looking for a gift to give to customers perhaps to celebrate an milestone or they are attending a show and they want to give people who visit their stand something to remember them by.  They want something to make them stand out in a good way from the hundreds of other people they have seen and spoken too.
The conversations are usually pretty similar we want to find an item on a budget, something that the person will keep and use something that is useful.  The majority of people will opt for pens, mugs, mouse mats, trolley tokens.  All things that are reusable are seen as valuable can be personalized and will be seen by more than one person.
As we lead up to the new year everyone has a perfect opportunity for very little cost to present a client with something that is useful, within a budget and will be reused.  More than that you have the perfect opportunity to get yourself on the desk or wall of our client for a whole year.  Calendars!!
it's almost criminal not to do it for a small amount now you can give a gift. You are showing you client or customer that you value them.  You are also ensuring your space in their life for the next year in a prime spot.  desk calendars are great but if they are out of our budget you can even purchase a simple single page calendar.  get your name in front of your customer for a whole year.
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